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Advance Traffic Management system


Command & Control Software

Key Features

  • The objective of the system is to provide smooth & uninterrupted traffic flow providing enhanced road safety
  • The ATMS system integrates data for the various subsystems like

    – Video Surveillance System

    – Video Incident Detection System

    – Vehicle Actuated Radar Speed Displays + Many more

  • The software includes webservices and webAPI for data acquisition from the various subsystems. The interface is modular and provides scalability wrt to the number of devices integrated for every subsystem.
  • Features include                                                               – Dashboard for quick reference of device status and incident/alert notification            

           – Maps view of the location of installed devices                  along with an easy view of the real-time status

Variable Message Signs


Ador Beacon Pole or Gantry Mounted, Vehicle Mounted & Trailer Mounted VMS

Key Features

  • Available in various pitch configurations P10/ P16/P20 & P25

  • EN 12966 tested and certified

  • Ador proprietary VMS control software and portal

  • True text software to display messages in any language and font

  • Amber or multicolor displays

  • Display pictures and moving images

  • Made in India, installed in over 300 locations to date

Speed Enforcement Systems


Ador HARMONY Radar Based Speed Enforcement Systems
Ador Campus C-VASS single lane speed enforcement Systems

Key Features

• Uniquely designed for India, resilient speed detection and enforcement systems

• Fixed Speed enforcement (Point Speed with ANPR) to detect 5 lanes up to 300kmph from 300 meters

• Vehicle Classification and traffic count with algorithmic prognostics

• 4D tracking radar integrated with 9Mp High Resolution Camera, non-blind white flash

• Can be installed in less than one day, works on GSM or fiber optic backbone

• Fully operational in all weather conditions, high scene context day and night

• Adjudication support 24/7 inclusive

Radar Based Vehicle Speed Displays and Digital Speed Signs


Ador Serenity.
Ador Tranquility.
Ador Speed Calm Detector

Key Features

  • Designed to slow down speeding vehicles and to make Indian roads safer by calming driver behavior

  • Can be installed in campuses, military bases, business & industrial complexes, universities, residential societies etc.

  • Speeds of vehicles displayed with messaging to trigger driver behavior in any language. Color’s change based on speed behavior displayed (red, amber, green)

Mobile Platform VMS Display Signs


Ador Garuda Eco VMS for roadwork utility trucks, ADOR ISUZU VMS Platform

Key Features

  • High speed mobile trailer design for rapid deployment

  • EN12966 compliant VMS boards for maximum safety of road users

  • Long life deployment solutions, providing autonomy without charge for over 7 days

  • Control VMS board displays from your PC or phone

  • Multicolor P16 and P20 VMS displays

  • Solutions optimised for ADOR designed trailers, Isuzu and Tata Pickup trucks

Safety Roller Barriers


Ador Mandala Roller Safety Barriers

Prevent injuries to commuters by converting kinetic energy into rotational energy.  These barriers flex and do not need to be replaced after accidents.

Key Features

  • Prevent injuries to commuters by converting kinetic energy into rotational energy. These barriers flex and do not need to be replaced after accidents.

  • MASH TL 4 certified and approved

  • Protects the vehicle Occupant against risk during collisions

  • Manages vehicle Trajectory Post Impact in the direction of the road

  • Designed for extreme road hazards and ideal for roads with sharp unexpected turns/ curves

  • already installed in India by ADOR at multiple locations

Crash Attenuators


Vehicle Mounted Crash Attenuators

Key Features

  • Designed to keep highway road workers safe from distracted or speeding drivers during road works and maintenance deployments

  • Ideal for use in high speed lane closures or mobile operations where workers are most vulnerable.

  • Open tubular design to minimize wind resistance and drag allowing for safe travel

  • To save the lives of such critical support workers from distracted drivers on highways.

Roadworks Traffic Control


Ataraxis Arrow Board Trailer

Key Features

  • Dual axle LED arrow board rises to 5 meters height so truck drivers can see above car roofs from a distance of 300 meters

  • Left & Right arrow as well as cross sign for lane closures

  • PLC controls

  • Solar charging and battery power for 8 hour deployments

  • Tow at 80 kmph to road works location due to heavy stable trailer

  • Electric Actuator to deploy the arrow boards within 2 minutes of parking and closing any lanes

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