Innovative use of Ador speed calming technology in action at Pune.

Over the course of the four-month deployment period, the radar speed signs on the main avenues of the Sindh Society community demonstrated their efficacy in calming traffic speeds. This white paper informs the key lessons from the trial. The Ador vehicle-activated radar speeds signs are designed to calm traffic and encourage residents to drive at […]

Planning for road safety: awareness, behavior and infrastructure

Traffic crashes have become a global epidemic1. Fortunately, government authorities and NGOs around the world are working hard with a combination of awareness, behavior and infrastructure strategies to reverse this deadly trend through traffic safety initiatives. If you live in a low-income country, traffic crashes are one of the top ten causes of death. If […]

What Happens to the Road Markings at Night When It Rains?

Imagine yourself driving down a rural two-lane road. It’s night. The road is poorly lit. The headlights of oncoming traffic are distracting, making it even more difficult to see the road in front of you. You’re doing everything you can to stay in your lane and on the road. And then it starts to rain. […]